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What Are Sunglasses that Fit Over Glasses Called?

What Are Sunglasses that Fit Over Glasses Called?

If you wear prescription eyeglasses and also need sunglasses, Fits Over sunglasses may be a great option for you.

Fits Overs can provide an effective, low-cost way to protect your eyes on bright sunny days while still allowing you to see clearly with your prescription specs.  

What Are Fits Over Sunglasses? 

Fits Over sunglasses are designed to be worn over your regular prescription glasses.  


It’s critical to wear sunglasses when you’re outside because long-term exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can increase your risk of developing some eye and vision problems, including:


  • Cataracts   

  • Age-related macular degeneration  

  • Photokeratitis (sunburned eyes) 

  • Pterygium and pinguecula (growths on the eye) 

Benefits of Fits Over Sunglasses 

There are many reasons to choose Fits Over eyewear:  


  • Cost – Fits Overs can be an affordable option because you don’t need to pay for a separate pair of prescription sunglasses. 

  • UVA-UVB protection – All Foster Grant™ Fits Over sunglasses provide 100% UVA-UVB protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Plus, they are big enough to fit snugly over your prescription glasses and cover the sides of your frames.  

  • Polarised lenses – All Foster Grant Solar Shield® Fits Overs come with polarised lenses. This means they have a filter that reduces reflected light from surfaces like water, snow, buildings, and cars’ windscreens.  

  • Convenience – Fits Over sunglasses are convenient because they fit over the glasses you already have. This saves you the trouble of having to change from your glasses into sunglasses and back again. 

More Features to Consider 

You can choose your Fits Over sunglasses based on the following features to best fit your needs and lifestyle:  


  • Tinted lenses – Sunglasses lenses are available in a variety of colours. Some tints may enhance colours or improve contrast in certain situations.  

  • Frame shape – Fits Over sunglasses come in several frame shapes, including oval, square, and rectangle. For fuller coverage, look for a wraparound frame that helps keep sunlight from reaching your eyes from the sides of the frames.  

How to Measure for Fits Over Sunglasses 

Once you’ve decided to try a pair of Fits Over sunglasses, you’ll need to find your size. Here are two easy ways to do that: 


  • Print our Quick Start Fit Guide to measure your glasses and see which Fits Over frame styles and sizes will fit over your prescription glasses. 

  • Measure the height and width of your current glasses in millimeters. You can also measure the nose bridge width for more accuracy. 


Your regular glasses should fit completely inside the Fits Over frame, so make sure you select a pair that’s big enough.  

How to Choose Fits Over Sunglasses 

The most important reason to wear sunglasses is to protect your eyes from exposure to UV light. How can you make sure you’re getting a high-quality Fits Over pair with the protection you need? Check for these four things: 


  • CE – Look for the “CE” mark on the frame. In Europe, CE shows that the sunglasses meet consumer health and safety standards of the European Union (EU). 

  • UKCA – You might see UKCA on the frame. Since leaving the EU, products sold in the UK must have a UKCA mark, similar to the CE mark. Today it’s common to see both symbols since sunglasses (and many other products) are sold in the UK and the EU. 

  • UV400 – Make sure the sunglasses have UV 400 lens protection, which means they provide 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays. 

  • ISO 12312-1:2022 – In Britain, look for the British Standard Mark or British Standard BS EN ISO 12312-1:2022. This mark shows that the sunglasses have a good level of UV protection. It also assures consumers that the sunglasses meet high-quality standards for strength, design, stability, and manufacturing. 


We have a wide variety of Fits Over sunglasses so you can find the perfect pair to go with your current specs. All Foster Grant Fits Over styles come with 100% UVA-UVB lens protection and are scratch- and impact-resistant.    




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* Like Foster Grant, All About Vision and AAV Media, LLC are affiliates of EssilorLuxottica.