1 in 5 drivers can’t see the road clearly*

Foster Grant® supports the partnership between Essilor International and FIA (Fédération International de l'Automobile) to increase awareness and highlight the importance of good vision for road safety.

Road safety starts with good vision

Every day, 3500 people are killed on the roads.

The FIA Action for Road Safety #3500 lives campaign outlines Golden Rules that can help save your life and the live of others. Vision is critical to make decisions on the road. Everyone has a role to play in making safer roads for all.

✔ Check your vision regularly

✔ Protect your eyes from glare

✔ Wear your glasses on the road

Night Drivers

Heightens depth perception and visibility in low light conditions. The anti-reflective coating blocks glare from headlights.

Driving Sunglasses

Enhances contrast to give you a clearer view of the road in all weather conditions. Compatible with digital devices.

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