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How to Properly Clean Glasses & Sunglasses

How to Properly Clean Glasses & Sunglasses

Whether you wear reading glasses or stylish sunglasses, keeping your lenses clean is essential for clear vision and a polished look. Regular cleaning not only improves your vision but also extends the life of your eyewear.  


Read on to learn the best ways to clean your spectacles so the lenses, frames, and nose pads stay in tip-top shape. 

Why Clean Glasses Matter 

It's common for dust, dirt, oil, and debris to collect on your glasses over time.

Unfortunately, this makes it harder to see clearly. Routinely cleaning your glasses prevents buildup and keeps your specs looking brand new. It also helps prevent scratches and other damage that may affect how clearly you can see.  


The good news is that cleaning your glasses and sunglasses doesn't take much time or effort — you just need a few simple supplies. 

Necessary Supplies for Cleaning Glasses 

There are several ways to clean glasses, but all require a few basic items. Gather the following supplies before you begin:  


  • A microfibre cloth – Use a soft and lint-free microfibre cloth to clean and dry your lenses without scratching them. 

  • Dish soap or lens cleaning solution – Look for a mild, lotion-free dish soap or solution specifically designed for cleaning eyeglass lenses. Avoid harsh household chemicals like bleach, vinegar, and ammonia, as well as alcohol-based cleaners, since they can damage your specs. 

  • Lukewarm water – Rinse your eyewear with lukewarm water (not hot) to avoid damaging the lenses or warping the frames. 

  • Toothbrush – Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently brush the nose pads and get into any tiny crevices. Just be sure to avoid the lenses. 

How to Clean Glasses Lenses and Frames 

Once you have all the supplies in order, it's time to start cleaning. Here are the steps to follow: 


  • Rinse your glasses – Run your dirty spectacles under lukewarm water to help remove any loose debris. 

  • Clean the lenses – Apply a few drops of lotion-free dish soap or glasses cleaning solution onto your fingertips, then gently rub the lenses to remove smudges and fingerprints. 

  • Clean the frames – Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently brush dirt and debris from the frame and nose pads.  

  • Rinse again – Wash away any remaining soap residue using lukewarm water. All traces of soap should be gone before drying. 

  • Dry your glasses – Use a small microfibre cloth to dry the lenses and frame. Wipe away any excess water to prevent streaks or spots from forming.  

  • Let your glasses air dry (optional) – Instead of wiping your newly clean glasses with a cloth, you can let them air dry. Gently shake them to remove any remaining water and prevent water spots from forming.  

How to Clean Nose Pads 

Natural sweat and oils can build up on the nose pads of your glasses and cause them to slip off the bridge of your nose. This is why cleaning your specs is so important. Start by gently scrubbing the pads with a soft-bristled toothbrush and some mild dish soap or cleaning solution.  


Scrub on and around the pads in small circles to dislodge any dirt and oils. Rinse the pads with water when you're finished and use a microfibre cloth to dry.   


Note: Avoid touching your spectacle lenses with the toothbrush because even soft bristles can cause damage. 

Tips for Safely Cleaning Sunglasses 

Cleaning sunglasses is similar to cleaning your regular glasses, but you'll need to take a few extra precautions. For example, polarised sunglasses have special lens coatings that may warp or dissolve if not treated properly. To avoid damage, follow any specific manufacturer recommendations for cleaning and maintenance.  


An eyeglass cleaning solution may seem like a safe option for your sunglasses, but it could actually damage certain lens coatings depending on its ingredients. Be sure to read the instructions (and warnings) carefully before using any product on your eyewear.  


Rather than using a store-bought cleanser, your best option may be to use a mild dish soap with warm water. After cleaning your sunnies, it’s essential to dry them with a soft, lint-free cloth. 

Additional Ways to Care for Your Glasses 

Maintaining the quality and cleanliness of your eyeglasses involves more than just regular washing. Consider the following tips to keep your spectacles in the best condition: 


  • Wash your hands before wearing or handling your eyewear – Even simple products like makeup or hairspray can transfer oils to your lenses and cause smudges. 

  • Store your specs if you aren’t wearing them – Keep your eyeglasses or sunglasses safe by storing them in a case when not in use. A hard case is best for protecting against damage. 

  • Avoid using tissues or paper towels – Though convenient, materials like tissues and paper towels are abrasive and can scratch the lenses. Microfibre cloths are a much safer option for cleaning or drying your lenses.  

  • Don’t touch your lenses – The natural oils from your skin may seem harmless, but they can leave behind smudges and streaks if you touch your lenses. Always hold your specs by the arms (temples) or bridge when handling your eyewear.  

Clear Vision and Long-Lasting Quality 

Cleaning glasses and sunglasses is essential for keeping your vision clear and maintaining the quality of your eyewear over time. With the right materials and a gentle touch, you can ensure optimal vision and comfort. 


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