Do I Need Reading Glasses?

If you're finding that newspapers, books and computer screens are becoming more difficult to read, it's quite probable that you need reading glasses. As we get older our eye lens hardens and loses its ability to change shape to focus on nearby objects or small print. This is known as Presbyopia, a natural condition of ageing that affects most of us.

What should I do next?

To find out what strength of reading glasses you need, follow the link to the sight test chart and print it out, ensuring that print options such as "fit to page" are disabled, and then read the chart without glasses from a distance of about 35cm (14"). Do not view the sight test chart on screen.


When you find a line difficult to read, make a note of the lens strength and select a pair of glasses you like. We have a wide range of styles to buy online and a choice of the most popular magnification strengths to suit you. It's as simple as that.

Please note that reading glasses are designed for reading and close-up work only and we recommend regular visits to the optician to maintain eye health.

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