Can I trust that your reading glasses will help my vision?

We only offer high-quality readers all of which come in a range of strengths.


What kind of benefits do your lenses offer?

All of our reading glasses offer prescription quality lenses, for clearer vision and a wider, distortion-free field of view. They deliver everything you would expect in a high-quality pair of readers, allowing you to see clearly and comfortably.

Tell me about your frames. What are some of the features?  

Our frames come in a wide selection of styles, colours, shapes, and materials. Innovative features such as memory metal technology, spring hinges, lightweight titanium, and anti-reflective coated lenses are also available.


What is Presbyopia?

As you age, your eye lenses harden and can no longer change shape to focus on nearby objects. This natural condition is called presbyopia and it generally starts to weaken your near vision in your early-to-mid 40s. By magnifying images, reading glasses help relieve eye strain caused by this condition.


I wear contact lenses or have had refractive surgery. Do I still need reading glasses?

Possibly. Even with other prescription vision solutions, some people require reading glasses to help relieve eye strain caused by the effects of presbyopia.

Are your reading glasses right for me?

Here at Foster Grant, you’ll find a wonderful selection of readers to suit your personal needs and individual style. Our mission is to help you find your perfect look so you can read better and feel great in the most flattering styles. No matter what you’re looking for, we have a pair that is right for you.


When will my order be shipped?

Generally, your order will ship the day after you place it. We ship Monday through Friday, so orders placed on weekends won't be sent until the following Monday.


Where can I find the strength on my current pair of glasses?

Look on the inside of one of the side temples. If you’re questioning whether you have the correct magnification, we can help you find the right strength, just click on the button below to take our sight test.



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